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SAIL Previous year model question paper

Steel Authority of India (SAIL) has released a job notification for the engagement of Operator Cum Trainee (OCT) and Attended Cum Trainee (ACT) vacancies.  The selection process for this exam consists of written exam and personal interview.

The exam will be conducted for 150 minutes and it comprises 250 marks of multiple choice questions. In the first section the questions will be asked from General Aptitude and General Awareness, this section carries a mark of 150 and the Technical Section carries the remaining marks.

SAIL Previous year model question paper

SAIL Sample Quantitative Aptitude Question Paper

1) Jagan went to another town covering 240 km by car moving at 60 kmph. Then he covered 400km by

train moving at 100 kmph and then rest 200 km he covered by a bus moving at 50 kmph. The average

speed during the whole journey was:

a) 80 kmph b) 70 kmph

c) 75 kmph d) 72 kmph


2) The area of a triangle is equal to the area of a square whose each side is 60 metres. The height of the

triangle is 90 metres. The base of the triangle will be

a) 75 m b) 85 m

c) 65 m d) 80 m


3) A horse is tied at the corner of a rectangular field, whose length is 20m and width is 16m with a rope

whose length is 14m. Find the area which the horse can graze?

a) 156 sq.m. b) 154 sq.m.

c) 164 sq.m. d) 144 sq.m.


4) Sam and Rita was sitting in a park in the evening looking at the sunset to the horizon. What is the

direction of their right hand side?

a) East b) West

c) North d) South


5) A shopkeeper buys 144 eggs at 90 paise each. In the way 20 eggs were broken. He sold the remaining

eggs at Rs. 1.20 each. The percentage gain or loss is

a) 14.8% gain b) 12.9% gain

c) 8.5% gain d) 4.8% gain


6) It takes 40 men eight days to earn Rs. 2000. How many men will earn Rs. 200 in two days?

a) 10 b) 14

c) 16 d) 20


7) A pipe of 2 inch diameter fills the water tank in one hour. If the diameter of the pipe is 4 inch in what

time will the pipe fill the same tank?

a) 10 minutes b) 15 minutes c) 30 minutes d) 45 minutes


8) Ten men can finish construction of a wall in eight days. How much men are needed to finish the work

in half-a-day?

a) 80 b) 100

c) 120 d) 160


9) A shop gives 10% discount on the purchase of an item. If paid for in cash immediately, a further

discount of 12% is given. If the original price of the item is Rs. 250, what is the price of the article if a cash

purchase is made?

a) Rs. 200 b) Rs. 195

c) Rs. 198 d) Rs. 190


10) It was Wednesday on July 15, 1964. What was the day on July 15, 1965?

a) Thursday b) Tuesday

c) Friday d) None of these


General Knowledge Questions for SAIL Exam:


1) India has won the “World Cup Hockey” title:

a) Twice b) Once

c) Thrice d) Never


2) Which pass was opened between India and China for trade?

a) Nathula b) Khardungla

c) Chumbi d) Solang


3) The largest continent is:

a) South Africa b) Europe

c) Africa d) Asia


4) The ball used in which of the games is usually oval in shape?

a) Rugby b) Golf

c) Polo d) Volleyball


5) Who formulate s the monetary policy in India?

a) SEBI b) RBI

c) Finance Ministry d) Planning Commission


6) In 1858 the first train from Howrah ran to

a) Hooghly b) Bardhaman

c) Bandel d) Chinsura


7) Who was the Prime Minister of Britain when India got independence?

a) Winston Churchill b) Clement Atlee

c) Wilson d) None of these


8) The highest railway line has been opened in July 2006 in which country?

a) India b) Mongolia

c) China d) Russia


9) What is earlier name of the present ‘National Library in Kolkata’?

a) Imperial library b) British library

c) Royal library d) Albert library


10) The capital of Mauritius is

a) Male b) Kabul

c) Suva d) Port Louis




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