Indian polity short notes for all Government Exams

Indian Polity part 1

(Framing of the Indian Constitution, Enactment of the Constitution, Interim Government , Preamble, Sources of the Indian Constitution, Main Features of the Indian Constitution, Rights to Constitutional Remedies, Types of Writs)

Indian Polity part 2

( Brief overview of all 25 parts of the Indian Constitution, Important Articles, Part I: Union and its Territories (Article 1-4), Part II: Citizenship (Article 5-11), Part 3: Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy, Fundamental Duties (Article 51A) )

Indian Polity part 3

( Union (Article 52-151), THE PRESIDENT, Powers of President, Types of Vetoes, Vice-President, Council of Ministers, Prime Minister )

Indian Polity part 4

( Union Legislature, Parliament, Facts about Speaker, SUPREME COURT, Comptroller and Auditor General, Attorney General of India, Part VI: The States (Article 152-237), Role of the Governor, Qualifications for Governor, State Legislature, Legislative Assembly, Legislative Council, High Courts (Article 214-232), Part IX: The Panchayats )

Indian Polity part 5

( Union and State Public Service Commissions, Elections (Article 324-329), Political Parties, Various Commissions, e-GOVERNANCE )

Indian Polity part 6

( AMENDMENTS OF THE CONSTITUTION, Two categories of Amendment under Article 368, CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS )