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MG University B.tech Sylllabus

Mahatma Gandhi University, also known as M G University, was established on 2 October 1983 in Kottayam. Mahatma Gandhi University (formerly Gandhiji University), has been accredited (B+) by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council, India. The university has 223 affiliated colleges spread over five districts in central Kerala.

MG University Btech Sylllabus

University offers academic programmes in the fields of Gandhian Thought, International Relations and Politics, Technology, Physics, Nano Science, Disability Studies and Rehabilitation Sciences, Special Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, Rehabilitation Psychology, Behavioural Medicine and Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Nursing, Tourism, Journalism, Chemical Sciences including Polymer Chemistry, Nursing, Hospital Administration, Environmental Sciences and Disaster Management among others.

MG university Btech Syllabus and Scheme

B.tech Scheme
MG University B.tech S1-S2 Syllabus
MG University B.tech CivilL Engineering Syllabus
MG University B.tech Mechanical Engineering Syllabus
 MG University B.tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering Syllabus
MG University B.tech Electronics and Communication Engineering Syllabus
MG University B.tech Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Syllabus
 MG University B.tech Computer Science and Engineering Syllabus
MG University B.tech MG University B.tech Instrumentation and Control Engineering Syllabus
MG University B.tech Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Syllabus
MG University B.tech Information Technology Syllabus
MG University B.tech Automobile Engineering Syllabus
MG University B.tech Polymer Engineering Syllabus
MG University B.tech Aeronotical Engineering Syllabus
MG University B.tech Production Engineering Syllabus



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