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First Anglo Mysore War (1767-69)

First Anglo Mysore War – Objective Questions

  1. How did Hyder Ali initially enter the military service?
    a) Navy
    b) Mysore Army
    c) British Army
    d) French Foreign Legion
  2. What was the role that Hyder Ali achieved in the Mysore Army due to his military skills?
    a) King
    b) Chief Minister
    c) Dalavayi (commander-in-chief)
    d) Diplomat
  3. Who was the ruler of Mysore under whom Hyder Ali became the Chief Minister and de-facto ruler?
    a) Tipu Sultan
    b) Krishnaraja Wodeyar II
    c) Haidar Ali
    d) Haider Wodeyar
  4. How did Hyder Ali establish control over Mysore, making the real king a titular head?
    a) Through diplomacy
    b) Through military conquest
    c) Through economic reforms
    d) Through foreign alliances
  5. What type of army did Hyder Ali set up and train along European lines?
    a) Traditional
    b) Modern
    c) Naval
    d) Mercenary
  6. What regions did Hyder Ali annex in the South, leading to the causes of the First Anglo-Mysore War?
    a) Northern regions
    b) Eastern regions
    c) Southern regions
    d) Western regions
  7. In addition to building a strong army, what support did Hyder Ali seek for training his forces?
    a) British
    b) Dutch
    c) Portuguese
    d) French
  8. What alarmed the British and led to the initiation of the First Anglo-Mysore War?
    a) Hyder Ali’s economic policies
    b) French support to Hyder Ali’s army
    c) British expansion in the South
    d) Mysore’s annexation of British territories


  1. b) Mysore Army
  2. c) Dalavayi (commander-in-chief)
  3. b) Krishnaraja Wodeyar II
  4. b) Through military conquest
  5. b) Modern
  6. c) Southern regions
  7. d) French
  8. b) French support to Hyder Ali’s army

First Anglo Mysore War – Questions Set 2

  1. Who were the major allies of the British in the First Anglo-Mysore War?
    a) Marathas and Nizam of Hyderabad
    b) French and Portuguese
    c) Dutch and Spanish
    d) Mughals and Sikhs
  2. How did Hyder Ali manage to bring the Marathas and the Nizam to his side during the war?
    a) Military conquest
    b) Skilful diplomacy
    c) Economic incentives
    d) Threats and coercion
  3. What did Hyder Ali do to neutralize the Marathas in the war?
    a) Declared war on them
    b) Paid them to turn neutral
    c) Formed an alliance with them
    d) Ignored their involvement
  4. How long did the war continue without any conclusion?
    a) Six months
    b) One year
    c) One-and-a-half years
    d) Two years
  5. What strategic move did Hyder Ali make that surprised the British during the course of the war?
    a) Naval blockade
    b) Siege of Pune
    c) Appearing before the gates of Madras
    d) Retreat to Mysore
  6. What was the outcome of the Treaty of Madras signed on April 4, 1769?
    a) British annexation of Mysore
    b) Restoration of conquered territories
    c) Establishment of British rule in Hyderabad
    d) Marathas becoming the dominant power
  7. How did the Treaty of Madras bring an end to the war?
    a) British victory in a decisive battle
    b) Conquest of Madras by Hyder Ali
    c) Humiliating treaty forced upon the English
    d) Withdrawal of both sides due to stalemate
  8. Besides the restoration of conquered territories, what mutual commitment was agreed upon in the Treaty of Madras?
    a) Economic alliance
    b) Military alliance against foreign attacks
    c) Division of Mysore between British and Hyder Ali
    d) British support for Hyder Ali’s expansion


  1. a) Marathas and Nizam of Hyderabad
  2. b) Skilful diplomacy
  3. b) Paid them to turn neutral
  4. c) One-and-a-half years
  5. c) Appearing before the gates of Madras
  6. b) Restoration of conquered territories
  7. c) Humiliating treaty forced upon the English
  8. b) Military alliance against foreign attacks

First Anglo Mysore War – NCERT Notes

Hyder Ali

  • Started as a soldier in the Mysore Army.
  • Quickly gained prominence in the army due to his military skills.
  • Appointed as the Dalavayi (commander-in-chief) and later became the Chief Minister of the Mysore state under Krishnaraja Wodeyar II.
  • Through administrative prowess and military skills, became the de-facto ruler of Mysore, reducing the king to a titular head.
  • Established a modern army, trained along European lines.

First Anglo-Mysore War (1767-69)

Causes of the War

  • Hyder Ali built a formidable army and annexed several regions in the South, including Bidnur, Canara, Sera, Malabar, and Sunda.
  • Sought French support in training his army, causing alarm among the British.

Course of the War

  • The British, Marathas, and Nizam of Hyderabad declared war on Mysore.
  • Hyder Ali employed skillful diplomacy, bringing the Marathas and Nizam to his side.
  • Paid the Marathas to maintain neutrality.
  • War persisted for a year-and-a-half without a clear conclusion.
  • Hyder Ali changed strategy, suddenly appearing before the gates of Madras.

Result of the War

  • Chaos and panic ensued in Madras, forcing the English to sign a humiliating treaty with Hyder on April 4, 1769—Treaty of Madras, marking the end of the war.
  • Conquered territories were restored to their respective owners.
  • Agreement to mutual assistance in case of a foreign attack.




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