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8 August 2013 Current Affairs

Armed conflicts and attacks
  • Balochistan conflict:
    • A suicide bombing at a funeral in the Pakistani city of Quetta kills at least 28 people. (BBC)
  • War in Afghanistan (2001–present):
    • A bomb explodes at a cemetery in the Afghan province of Nangarhar, killing at least 14 people. (BBC)
  • Three U.S. drone strikes in central and southern Yemen kill 12 suspected al-Qaida militants. (AP via Arizona Daily Star)
  • African Union troops kill 24 militants in a foiled Al-Shabaab planned attack in southern Somalia city of Afmadow. (Xinhua)
Disasters and accidents
  • At about 3 pm, a bus carrying 31 passengers, while crossing the Truc Khe Bridge that was under repair in in Cam Lộ (Quảng Trị, Viet Nam), falls into a river, about 20 meters below, leaving 17 passengers injured. (Tuoitrenews)
International relations
  • Republic of China lifts sanctions imposed on the Philippines after president Benigno Aquino apologized to the family of a Taiwanese fisherman shot dead in disputed waters. (BBC)
Law and crime
  • A shooting spree in Dallas, Texas, U.S., kills 4, wounds 4 and the gunman is subsequently arrested. (CNN)


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