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7 August 2013 Current Affairs

Armed conflicts and attacks
  • Syrian civil war:
    • The Syrian Army launches a large missile on the southern Damascus neighborhood of Yarmouk, largely inhabited by Palestinianrefugees. (Now Lebanon)
  • Six suspect Al-Qaeda militants are killed in a drone strike in Southern Yemen. (Reuters)
  • Yemen authorities foil an Al-Qaeda plot to blow up the oil pipelines and seize some of the country’s main ports. (BBC) (Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty)
  • Four Israeli soldiers are wounded by a landmine near the Lebanese border. (Al Jazeera) (Xinhua) (The Times of Israel)
  • One person is killed and 62 are injured in clashes between supporters and opponents of ousted President Mohamed Morsi (Xinhua)
  • A bombing in a market in Karachi, Pakistan, kills eleven people, mostly teenagers. (Reuters)
Business and economy
  • President Obama affirms that the US will attend the upcoming G-20 meeting, despite differences with the Russian government and the cancellation of bilateral talks between Obama and President Putin. (BBC)
Disasters and accidents
  • A large fire breaks out at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. (BBC)
International relations
  • North Korea and South Korea agree to resume talks on reopening the Kaesong industrial zone. (BBC) (Sky News)
  • The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Jiří Rusnok announces his resignation after his caretaker government loses a vote of confidence.(China Daily)
  • Portugal’s treasury secretary Joaquim Pais Jorge resigns after media reports and opposition politicians questioned his previous role atCitigroup. (Reuters)


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