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Learn vocabulary from Panchatantra stories 5 – The Clever Jackal and the Foolish Lion

The Clever Jackal and the Foolish Lion

In a dense forest, there lived a cunning jackal named Jumbo. One day, he came across a gullible lion named Raja, who was trapped in a hunter’s net. Sensing an opportunity, Jumbo approached the lion with a plan.

Jumbo said, “Oh great Raja, I can see your predicament. But fear not, for I have a solution. If you listen carefully, we can both escape from this net.”

Intrigued, Raja eagerly listened as Jumbo explained his plan. Jumbo pretended to be fearful and said, “O mighty lion, I know a magical chant that, when recited, will make this net disappear. However, it can only be performed when all creatures around us are silent.”

Raja, desperate to escape, believed every word. Jumbo instructed Raja to let out a mighty roar to intimidate the animals into silence. Raja followed the instruction, roaring loudly. Frightened by the lion’s roar, the animals fell silent, hoping to avoid his wrath.

Taking advantage of the silence, Jumbo swiftly gnawed at the net and freed Raja. The foolish lion believed it was his mighty roar that had caused the net to vanish. Grateful, Raja praised Jumbo for his wisdom and made him his trusted advisor.


  • Cunning: ‘Cunning’ describes someone who is clever and deceitful in achieving their goals. Jumbo, the jackal, is ‘cunning’ in his plan to trick the lion.
  • Gullible: If someone is ‘gullible’, they are easily deceived or fooled. Raja, the lion, is ‘gullible’ as he falls for Jumbo’s trick.
  • Predicament: A ‘predicament’ is a difficult, unpleasant, or challenging situation. Raja finds himself in a ‘predicament’ when he gets trapped in the hunter’s net.
  • Intimidate: To ‘intimidate’ means to frighten or make someone feel afraid, typically to gain control or influence over them. Jumbo instructs Raja to ‘intimidate’ the animals with his roar.
  • Swiftly: ‘Swiftly’ means to do something quickly or rapidly. Jumbo ‘swiftly’ gnaws at the net to free Raja.

Moral: Intelligence and trickery can outsmart brute strength. The story teaches us to be cautious and not blindly trust others. It’s important to use our intelligence wisely and avoid being easily deceived, as demonstrated by Jumbo’s clever plan.



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