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Aligarh Muslim University Faculty Vacancies in Feb-2013

Applications   on  the  prescribed  form  are  invited  for   thefollowing posts by 05.03.2013
Aligarh Muslim University Faculty Vacancies in Feb-2013

 01.  Professor  of Social Work, Dept of Sociology & Social Work. (1)
 02.  Professor  of History, Dept of History  (1)
 03.  Professor  of Physics, Dept of Physics  (1)
 04.  Professor  of Geography, Dept of Geography   (1)
 05.  Professor  of Applied Physics, Dept of Applied Physics (1)
 06.  Professor of Mathematics, Dept of Applied Mathematics (1) 
 07.  Associate Professor in History (Modern History),Dept of History(1)
 08.  Associate Professor in Philosophy (Muslim Philosophy),  Dept  of
      Philosophy (01)
 09.  Associate Professor  in Physics, Dept of Physics  (02)
 10.  Associate Professor in Statistics, Dept of Statistics & Operation
      Research. (1)
 11.  Associate Professor, Dept of Applied Mathemaics (1) 
 12.  Associate Professor in Sunni Theology, Women's College (1) VH
 13.  Assistant Professor in Philosophy, Dept of Philosophy (1)
 14.  Assistant Professor in (Bengali), Dept of Modern Indian Languages
 15.  Assistant Professor in Islamic Studies, Dept of Islamic Studies
 16.  Assistant Professors in Physics, Dept of Physics (3)
 17.  Assistant Professor in Applied Physics,Dept of Applied Physics (1)
 18.  Assistant Professor in Mathematics, Dept of Applied Mathematics(1) 

 19.  Professor of Computer Engineering,Dept of Computer Engineering (1)
 20.  Professors of  Electrical  Engineering,  Dept   of   Electrical
      Engineering (2)
 21.  Associate   Professor   in  Electronics Engineering,   Dept   of
      Electronics Engineering (1)
 22.  Associate   Professor  in  Mechanical  Engineering,    Dept   of
      Mechanical Engineering (1)
 23.  Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering, Dept of Electrical
      Engineering (1)
 24.  Assistant Professors in Mechanical Engineering Dept of Mechanical
      Engineering (2)
 25.  Assistant  Professor in Petroleum Studies Engineering,  Dept  of
      Petroleum Studies  (1)
 26.  Assistant  Professor,Applied sciences & Hum.Section University
      Polytechnic (1) 
 27.  Professor of Neuro-Surgery, Dept of Surgery (1)
 28.  Professor of Cardiology, Centre for Cardiology &  Cardiovascular
      Research Centre (1)
 29.  Professor of Psychiatery, Dept of Psychiatery (1)
 30.  Associate Professor in Anatomy, Dept of Anatomy (1)
 31. Associate Professor in Neuro-Surgery, Dept of Surgery (1)
 32.  Associate  Professors  in  Forensic Medicine,  Dept  of  Forensic
      Medicine. (2)
 33.  Associate Professors in Radio-Diagnosis,Dept of Radio-Diagnosis (2)

 34.  Associate  Professor  in Obst.   &   Gynaecology,    Dept.    of
      Obst. & Gynaecology (1)
 35.  Associate  Professor, Dept. of Cardiothoracic Surgery (1) 
 36.  Assistant Professor in Radio-Diagnosis, Dept of  Radio-Diagnosis
 37.  Assistant Professors in Medicine, Dept of Medicine (7)
 38.  Assistant  Professor  in Endocrinology, Centre of  Diabetes  and
      Endocrinology (1)
 39.  Assistant  Professors in Surgery, Dept of Surgery (5)
 40.  Assistant Professor in Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery, Centre
      of Cardiology  & Cardiovascular Research (1)
 41.  Assistant  Professor  in Radio-Diagnosis (Plan  Post),  Dept  of
 42.  Assistant Professor in Dermatology, Dept of Dermatology (1)
 43.  Lecturer  in Paediatrics (Leave Vacancy), Dept. of Paediatrics (1)
 44.  Professor  of  Conservative  Dentistry,  Dept  of   Conservative
      Dentistry (1)
 45.  Professor  of Oral Medicine & Radiology, Dept of  Oral  Medicine
      and Radiology (1)
 46.  Professor   of  Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Dept  of   Oral  &
      Maxillofaicia Surgery
 47.  Associate  Professor  in Periodontics, Dept  of  Periodontics  &
      Community Dentistry (1)
 48.  Associate Professor in Orthodontics, Dept of Orthodontics (1) 
 Pay Scale
Professor           : Rs. 37400-67000 plus allowances AGP Rs. 10000
Associate Professor : Rs. 37400-67000 plus allowances AGP Rs.  9000
Assistant Professor : Rs. 15600-39100 plus allowances AGP Rs.  6000

How to Apply

The  Employment  Form to the above posts may be  downloaded  from  the
following website.

Persons  downloading the Form from the Net are  required  to send a Cash receipt issued by the Cash Section, Finance  Office,
AMU,  Aligarh  or Demand draft of Rs. 150/- payable  to  Finance Officer,  AMU,  Aligarh  at State Bank  of  India,  AMU  Branch, Aligarh  (code 5555) alongwith the duly filled employment   form
 complete  in all respect. Complete application form procured  in the  above  manner  may either be delivered  personally  at  the
Reception  Counter  of  Administrative Block or  sent  by  post, superscribing on the top left of the cover the post applied for,
advertisement   number  and  date,  to  the  Assistant  Registrar,  (Selection  Committee),  Aligarh  Muslim  University,   Aligarh-
202002, so as to reach him by  05.03.2013 

Last Date – 05.03.2013

For Qualification details for each posts kindly visit 
Official Site 


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