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16 September 2014 Current Affairs

Armed conflicts and attacks
• Taliban insurgency:
• A large bomb explodes in Afghan capital Kabul resulting in at least three deaths of international troops and five injuries. (BBC),(Reuters), (AP)
• Sinai insurgency:
• Six Egyptian police officers are killed and three wounded following a roadside bombing in the Sinai peninsula. (BBC)
• Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant:
• Islamic State fighters shoot down a Syrian Air Force warplane conducting an airstrike on Raqqa. (AFP via NDTV)

Disasters and accidents

• Twelve thousand people have been evacuated from the area near the Mayon Volcano on the Philippines island of Luzon due to concerns over a possible eruption. (Reuters via Time)
• 2014 Pacific typhoon season:
• Typhoon Kalmaegi sweeps past Hong Kong after causing six deaths in the Philippines on Saturday. (PTI via The Hindu)
• Malaysia Airlines Flight 370:
• Indonesian police chief General Sutarman says he knows what happened to the MH370 and an aviation expert claims MH370’s pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, caused the plane to crash by locking his copilot out of the cockpit, depressurised the cabin and shut down all communications before turning the plane around. (News.com.au)


• Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa:
• The United States will send thousands of troops to West Africa to build Ebola virus clinics and train health workers. (The Hindu)
International relations
• Lawmakers from Ukraine ratify a landmark agreement with the European Union in tandem with a meeting of the European Parliament. (BBC)

Law and crime
• Russian billionaire Vladimir Yevtushenkov is placed under house arrest for alleged money laundering. (AP)



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